Thanks to Whyalla residents and people from far and wide, we've put together a list of 100 great things about our city and region.

Congratulations Whyalla ... we’ve cracked the ton for great things in our region.

Not surprising really and there’s probably another 100 things we can declare are “great” about Whyalla.

We won’t stop unearthing these great things either.

The response from the community could be considered one of the “great” things for a start.

We put the call out initially for “great things about Whyalla” and received 80 immediately. This pushed out to 100 with our second call.

The responses were wide and varied but all had a great positive theme.

They also came from far and wide to show even those that don’t live here still have love for Whyalla.


Sam Adams is one of those. The former Arno Bay boy now lives in the city but loves it when his nephew pays him a visit from Whyalla.

“It just warms the cockles of my heart when he drives down from Whyalla to deliver me a feed of fat whiting,” Sam posted on our facebook site.

It was a thumbs up for local traders too as Skai Skorup-Matthews commented on the customer service in Whyalla.

“The small hobby businesses, handmakers, marketeeers and crafters,” Skai paid tribute to.

“The great customer service you get when you get a coffee or a treat from the local cafes and the commitment those business owners put in to offer a great service.”

Kristen King put an extra vote in for our cycling club.

“Best outdoor velodrome in the state,” Kristen declared.

And let’s not forget our volunteers that make up groups like the Whyalla Sea Rescue Squadron. Ally Oxby certainly hasn’t.

“They are a volunteer organisation that doesn’t bill you if you get into trouble on the waters,” Ally said.

“Now that is something!”


Thanks Whyalla for recognising how great our city is.

We will now be going out and telling the world about our great things is as we look to build on our great city into the future.

Keep an eye out and you’ll see your great responses popping up around the place.

 * Community spirit *Sunny days *Beautiful seaside *Welcoming community *Whyalla Players *Heartbeat Organisation *University student accommodation *Whyalla Bowl *Air ambulance service *Walking to work *Time for life *Great day destinations *My back porch *D’faces *Early morning swims *Friendly dolphins *Salt ‘n pepper squid *Blue swimmer crabs *Middleback Arts Centre *Ada Ryan Gardens *UneARTh Festival *Morning light in our back room *Wild Dog Hill *Sunset on the pellet plant *The steelworks at night *Steam clouds from the quenching tower *Eagle rays under the kayak *Saltmarsh *Second hand shopping *Frangipanis *Old fashioned neighbourhoods *Lizards *Back alleys *Shingle Ridges *Sunset over the Flinders Ranges *Point Lowly *Wetlands *Friendly, warm, authentic, welcoming, supporting, invested, real and resilient people *Gateway to the gorgeous Eyre Peninsula *The sea *Open spaces *Relaxed lifestyle *Cuttlefish *Chucking a beachie *yellow tailed kingfish *Walking out the blue line *Snapper *The lighthouse *Ship tours *Lighthouse sign on the highway *Amazing sunsets over Mount Young *Saltbush *Myall trees and red dirt against the blue summer sky *Evening swims on hot summer days *Playing local footy *Serenity *Fantastic amenities *Shopping centre *Hospital *Airport *Theatre *Museums *Leisure centre *Marina *Golf course *Universities *TAFE *Schools *Hummock Hill *Velodrome *Parks and gardens *Middleback Range mineral deposits *Very affordable living *Unique tourism and steelworks opportunities *Fat whiting * Small hobby businesses *Great customer service *Sea Rescue Squadron *Road safety centre *Volunteers *The people *Whyalla Show *Jubilee Park *Sunday markets *Scout hall *Steelworks tours *Stormfront singers *Camping at Fitzgerald Bay *Speedway *drag clubs *Go carts *Dirt circuit *Wind surfing *Squash club *It’s our home *Small businesses *Our free beach *Our video store *New Arrium owners *The Plaza cafes



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