There is more than $400,000 available in community grants for our region.

We’ve got just one week left to score some cash for community projects.

There is more than $400,000 available for community projects in our region through the State Government’s Fund My Neighbourhood program.


There’s even been a “quick vote” button created to make it even easier.

What’s more, any information required for you to register and vote is strictly confidential.


So, the more people in Whyalla who register and vote, the more chance we are of getting some of these projects. This isn’t money that’s going to go into council’s coffers.


These are community groups that have gone to a lot of work, putting together their projects that will benefit everybody in Whyalla. They deserve five minutes of your time to vote and make sure we get as many of them funded as we can.

One-off grants of between $10,000 and $150,000 are available for projects as diverse as small local infrastructure upgrades through to initiatives that strengthen neighbourhood cohesion.

To promote an equitable distribution of the program’s funding, the funding has been distributed across 15 regions, with funding allocated on a per person basis using 2016 ABS census data. Each region’s funding allocation is based on how many people live there.

Metropolitan Adelaide has been divided into four regions and regional South Australia has been divided into eleven areas.


Simply go to the Fund My Neighbourhood site and hit the “quick vote” button and vote for three or up to five of the projects listed below.

Voting closes at 5pm on Monday, November 20.


Ooops I arted!

Public artworks to celebrate our cultural diversity and industrial heritage.

Whyalla has a rich heritage of settlement by first nations Barngarla, then European immigration to fuel the steel and boat building industries followed by modern workers coming to Australia for a better life for their families. Uniquely located between desert and sea, we will foster our city spirit and pride and create a new artwork to celebrate our rich heritage and our industrial past whilst also looking towards a new beginning for our steel making industry. We are about to emerge into a new Whyalla with a revitalisation of our city after a time of uncertainty and possible closure.

Whyalla Beach Access Mat

To provide beach access to less abled bodied people.

Provide beach access to less able bodied community members so that the beach can be enjoyed by all. Currently, there are ramps leading down to the sand but nowhere to go after that. The provision of a roll out mat will allow safe access for use by wheelchairs, prams and those with walking frames. The mat surface rolled out over the soft sand will allow access to the water’s edge. The mat will allow anyone with a mobility issue to feel included in activities on the foreshore. It will be fantastic for all residents to have access to the beach.

logoWhyalla Beach Front Pathway Extension

To complete the pathway access along the Whyalla Foreshore

Install a sealed pathway in front of the Whyalla Caravan Park by the Foreshore. The proposal is to extend the existing boardwalk to the edge of the caravan park, build an adjoining pathway in front of and along the caravan park to meet Dunstone Street and continue the path to join up with the Yeltana Nursing Home access path. This would provide the nursing home wheelchair bound residents, caravan park tourists, walkers and runners who wish to maintain fitness levels, better access to the Whyalla Foreshore facilities and functions.

Free G and Kindygym

Fun and Energetic Youth and Pre-Kindy Programs

The Free G Program will get your body moving and heart racing as well as a place for local youth to connect. A local place accessible for youth to jump, flip and burn of energy in a controlled environment. An additional kindygym program will offer more opportunity for locals to access these services so young children can explore and develop essential skills key to their growth and development. These additions to our neighbourhood will provide social outlets for local parents and youth as well as tackle obesity and promote healthy exercise.

That's not a Stage it's a Talent Launchpad

Youth Mentoring Music Program, rehearsal space for musicians, bands, vocalists

This project will provide a space for young musicians to come together and hone their musicianship and vocal skills. The stage & sound equipment will provide an opportunity for muso's to move from the garage to the stage. The Mentoring project teaches young people how to hold an event; from finding a suitable space, security, stage set up, sound mixing and lighting, they also learn how to stage manage the event and self promotion. It is amazing to watch a group of young people grow and develop, build confidence in themselves and their peers.

Local art gallery upgrade

The Darling Terrace gallery requires infrastructure funding to enable continuation

Funding is required to address ageing state of the building, currently require wall and ceiling cracks to be repaired. The gallery is owned by the members of the Whyalla Art Group and is providing an art exhibition space as well as community arts space bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds together for visual arts. Whyalla does not have a purpose built art gallery, hence this gallery fills a void and should continue to represent arts in the Whyalla community. Last month during SALA Festival the gallery hosted an exhibition bringing in over 150 people to view such

Whyalla cycling club clubrooms upgrade

Replace floorboards as rotted ,new roof and kitchenette

Clubroom which is used for the Whyalla cycling club juniors and seniors has had water damage and has affected the roof ceiling and floors Also to help with future use as a clubroom a kitchenette and bar plus toilet upgrade would ensure a future for the club financially.

Rejuvenation of Road Safety Centre - simulated roadway bicycle track

Reseal simulated roadway which includes a bicycle track, traffic lights.

The Road Safety Centre is the only type of traffic simulated facility within geographic area of around 200kms. People travel from the broader region to engage with these facilities to teach young children road rules in a inclusive environment operated by SAPOL accredited volunteers. Many underprivileged children are able to attend the Centre, use Centre bicycle's where they would not normally have access to a bike at home. Disabled children are also catered for with special purpose three wheel tricycles. The Centre has been in existence for almost 40 years, the track and carpark are in need of being resealed.

Wildlife Rescue

To help keep the community and animals safe

The reason why this association has been started is because over the last year there has been a greater number of wild animals coming into town and there is no one here that knows or has training in how to remove them safely.

Community Food Hub

Set up a Foodbank Food Hub in Whyalla SA.

To establish a Foodbank Food Hub in Whyalla where individuals and families who are struggling can obtain food. Food Hubs are small shops where people in need of food can "shop" in a respectful environment rather than getting a handout from a welfare agency. Foodhubs have been successfully implemented by Foodbank SA in 5 other locations and allow families in need to obtain a large range of food at significantly reduced prices compared to normal supermarkets. Foodbank sources the food via its food rescue operations and by direct donations from farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and supermarkets.
Greatly reducing costs for people.

D'faces' Gallery & Building Improvement Project

Community gallery space and repair the home of youth arts.

D'faces Hall is a resource for the community and we want to expand our capacity as an arts hub for the neighbourhood. We want to turn our front foyer into a quality mini gallery space. The gallery will fit perfectly into our existing program and projects and provide year round opportunity for local artists especially youth to engage with local audiences. The hall needs some major repairs and replacements to keep it safe. Our front roof and timber floor need to be replaced so we can continue providing space for youth arts and community activities into the future.

Community Fruit Tree/garden

Provide fruit to the wider community

Low socioeconomic area so aim is to bring the community together and be able to provide them with healthy fruit to children that attend the school but also to others who live around the area. Bring a sense of community to the area and get people involved in the school through this project.

Whyalla Museum-Library Precinct Mural

Large mural with distinctive Whyalla features in the museum precinct

There is a 65 metres long wall of 21 blank concrete tiltup slabs abutting the north boundary of the Whyalla Museum-Library precinct. The city cycle-pedestrian corridor runs by it. It is visible from Ekblom street, the museum-library carpark and from the carpark of the Westlands shopping complex It affords an opportunity for local artists, under stewardship of Whyalla Council, to express their creativity and create a Public Art space that will lift the ambience of this hub of the city.

RE-Earth Whyalla Skate Park

Whyalla Community Youth participating in a skate competition

The idea is to do a 6week program, with the hope of some competition skate boarders as guest, too encourage local youths in Whyalla to participate in a skate competition, by promoting some tricks,This programs supports crime reduction by encouraging local youths to be involved in recreational sports to reduce petty crime of young offenders, shoplifting from the local Coles supermarkets. rewards could be a new scooter/ board to provide refreshments on the day and give out drink vouchers for future use To reduce the theft in summer of soft drinks from super market.

Repair and restore damaged scoreboard structure at Bennett Oval Whyalla

Restore sports-field scoreboard structure to enable use as a canteen.

Bennett oval is widely used by the community with more than 10,000 spectators and players each year. Future multi-sport use of the facility will double usage. The 1970’s built scoreboard structure has a sound steel frame but internal timber structures have been destroyed by white ants making the building unusable. This project is needed to restore and improve the building. This will create a better facility, greater utilisation and help attract sporting competitions to Whyalla. Whyalla is one neighbourhood with very strong sports participation and culture. This improvement will contribute greatly to Whyalla’s liveability for all involved with field sports.

McRitchie Crescent park upgrade

Installation of public toilets, bbq, shelter, water fountain and furniture.

McRitchie Park is an important community precinct that holds free events, offers play space for local residents and is seen as a community hub. The park services around 5,000 residents with the nearest park some distance away. Due to its geographic area this park hosts events that residents can walk to such as NAIDOC, HOPE Collective, Centacare, free Movies in the Park, family and community events. The park also offers recreational activities including 1/2 basketball court, playground and open lawn. The park lacks amenities that allow for better utilization of the space including inclusive toilets, shade, bbq, and drinking water.

Pixie's garden

Pixie's garden is a community grown and cared for garden.

Whyalla is a community that thrives on community based projects. This garden will be a great addition because it has the power to bring the community together, encourage learning, healthy eating and create motivation and passion. The garden would be run by myself, the community, schools and possibly experts who could lend their knowledge. The produce would be donated to salvos, schools and given to those in need. This is a great opportunity to show our children how to have responsibilities, grow nutritious food and work within a group. A community garden is a project people can be proud of.

Community Garden

A place where the local community can grow fresh food

The garden will provide the opportunity for people to work together, building relationships and community pride. There is nothing like it in the area. It allows for inclusivity across social, economic and racial barriers. HOPE Collective has gathered data from people in Whyalla Stuart, and they want opportunities to improve the area where the garden would be located. People can take what is grown to improve their choices to eat healthy. We can propagate cuttings for people to take and grow at home. We'd like to have chickens too, adding eggs to the take home options, again improving people's diet.
















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