Council's parks and gardens crews have laid new grass at two city parks.


A City of Whyalla green army descended on Wilson Park this morning to lay a beautiful carpet of luscious turf around the playground area.

The big crew of parks and gardens staff was mobilised to get nearly 1000sqm of turf laid in quick time to transform what was brown, dusty surroundings into a green paradise. The turf is part of the City of Whyalla’s extensive Wilson Park upgrade and follows work last month to install irrigation pipes to support the sprinklers necessary to maintain the grass.

Supervisor of civil works Cliff Morris was one of the crew today getting his hands dirty as the strategic plan to lay the turf unfolded. He said it was a great achievement and an integral part of the Wilson Park upgraded.

“We wanted to get this turf down before Christmas and it’s great we’ve achieved that,” Cliff said.

“It looks good and I’m sure people are really going to appreciate it.”

Wilson Park wasn’t the only area to benefit from the green blitz with the Geddes Street playground also getting a big chunk of green turf laid.

The next stages of the Wilson Park upgrade will include installing extra tables and chairs in the area.

The asphalt for two new tennis courts and a basketball court has been laid and will soon be surface sprayed with fences and lights installed. The rock feature next to the courts will make way for seating in a mini amphitheatre-type setting.

A pathway will go the whole way around the park area and there will be some grass towards the town end of the park area which will run up to the planned skate park due to be constructed next year.

PICTURES - Top: The Wilson Park playground area before being grassed and after turf was laid.

park park

PICTURES: The Wilson Park newly-laid turf and new turf at the Geddes Street playground.

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