Council crews have located the key pipe needed to bypass a leak in the main pool at the Whyalla Leisure Centre.

Found it!

Council construction crews have located a key pipe required to bypass a leak in the main pool at the Whyalla Leisure Centre.

With the help of contractors, council crews have moved tonnes of dirt and concrete to find this pipe, pictured, buried in a giant concrete block. The work now begins on assessing this pipe and how it can be connected.

poolleakIt has been a monumental task to find this pipe as the construction plans for the pool, built back in the 1970s, are no longer in existence.

Council will now engage a plumber to work out the best way to connect this pipe and assess other related plumbing issues.

With all going smoothly - and considering the massive backfill, clean-up of the area and the three days needed to refill and clean the pool - Council is now aiming to have the pool re-open by Friday, February 23.

“It took considerable time to first find the leak then an enormous task to find this pipe so we can bypass the leak and ensure the pool is safe to use,” City of Whyalla CEO Chris Cowley said.

“We have brought in multiple contractors and spent countless hours in council construction crew time in getting to the bottom of this problem with the age of the pool a contributing factor to the difficulty.

“But we also fully understand most residents and pool users aren’t really concerned about the logistics of this operation and just want to know when the pool will be open again.

“In this regard, we apologise for the delay but ask people to just hang in there with us for just a little bit longer.

“We are aiming for it to re-open by Friday, February 23 and if we have to work around to clock to make it happen, we will.”

The leisure centre has advised that it is operations-as-normal for all other areas of the centre. The leisure, toddler and spa pools are still open and all regular activities such as gym, squash, group fitness and the children’s play café are running as normal.

Check with the centre for any other information and times on 8645 5488.

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