People can still order pavers for Whyalla's new pet memorial.

You still have time to pay tribute to your pets

The City of Whyalla is inviting owners to be part of a pet memorial at the Searle Street dog park. Owners can purchase their own paver and have it engraved with their pet’s name or their own hand-drawn pictures and words.

When we have 100 orders for these pavers, a memorial made up of the pavers will be started and then added to as more pavers are ordered.

Dog ParkYour fur baby doesn’t have to be chasing cars in doggy heaven either … if you want to have a paver engraved with your fighting-fit Fido, that’s fine too. You can take your pooch over to look at their paver every time you go for a walk at our fantastic dog park.

And we know lots of people have other types of pets, so there’s plenty of room for your cats, budgies, goldfish, or whatever, to have their own paver with their name or hand-drawn picture on it.

Council came up with this idea when people started asking for a pet cemetery or memorial in the city. It isn’t possible to have a pet cemetery in a city park so this is the next best thing and a touching reminder of people’s pets.

While walking her little tribe of dogs - which ranged from a golden Labrador to a pug/chihuahua cross who didn’t know whether to bite or lick you - dog-owner Betty said it was a wonderful idea and she’d have to put some money away for her pack.

“This park is so lovely, it would be lovely to have a little paver here for each of my pups,” she said.

“We come here nearly every day and it is such a wonderful facility.

“That is such a good idea and would mean a lot to a lot of people.”

To order a paver simply download the form at …


The pavers are just $45 with a pet’s name or $50 with hand-drawn image. Call the council on 8640 3444 if you have any further questions.

Picture: This little staffy-cross gets a taste of the style of paver that will be used in the proposed dog park memorial. She was surrendered to the Whyalla Dog and Cat Centre by her owner and has now been transferred to the RSPCA to find her a new home. With council workers on call daily until 9pm, via the council phone number (8640 3444), the Whyalla Dog and Cat Centre is the first landing point for lost and unwanted dogs. If not claimed, dogs are then taken by the RSPCA which has a high rate of success in finding new homes.   

Anyone who would like to give a home to dogs like this should go to the RSPCA site

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