Whyalla City Council launches Visitor Survey

Whyalla City Council is about to embark on a month-long survey to gauge opinions from visitors to the city.

Visitors, whether in Whyalla on business or for pleasure, will be asked to participate in the survey to help Council understand how it might improve their experience.

Mayor Lyn Breuer said Council data shows that approximately 7500 people visit Whyalla each month. 

“Some of them come for business, others are tourists,” said Mayor Breuer.

“What we want to know from them is how we can improve their visit, with the ultimate goal of getting them to stay longer,” she said.

“This is all part of Council’s push to diversify the City’s economic base, which will have flow on benefits for all who live in our communities,” said Mayor Breuer.

visitor surveyThe survey will commence on Wednesday. It will seek feedback from people on their visit to Whyalla and what would encourage them to stay longer.

The results will be presented to Council and Whyalla businesses for further consideration and action.

“There’s a buzz around Whyalla again, we are becoming vibrant and exciting again and that attracts business people and tourists. This survey will help us make sure that we offer them a positive experience,” said Mayor Breuer.

The survey will be distributed electronically and through paper copies made available at the Whyalla Airport, Regional Bus-line and through hotels/motels, restaurants, cafes and the Visitor Centre.

To access the online survey and find out more about the 'Taste of Whyalla' pack please click here

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