Changes to the way dogs are registered come into force 1 July.

Changes to the way dogs are registered will come into force on 1 July.

The biggest change will be to the registration discs with owners now being issued a once-off disc to replace the yearly discs.

Dogs will be issued with a permanent registration number and a once-off grey coloured disc, with pet owners to continue the dog’s registration yearly.

The changes are being introduced by the South Australian Government’s Dog and Cat Management Board and all Councils are required to adopt the new process.

“The new permanent registration number is linked with the dog, even if the owner moves to another South Australian council or if the dog changes owners,” said Dog and Cat Management Board Secretary, Andrew Lamb.

The change coincides with the introduction of the new statewide dog and cat database on 1 July. Dog and Cats Online is a one-stop online service for all annual registration payments as well as dog and cat micro-chipping, desexing and breeder details. Dogs and Cats Online will replace South Australia’s 68 council dog and cat registers with a single central online database.

Renewal notices will be mailed to dog owners in July.

Owners can then pay their fees online.

Council CEO Chris Cowley said while the move to a centralised online system was positive, it was important to offer Whyalla residents the ability to pay over the counter.

“We are very mindful that not everyone has access to internet payments which is why we will continue to assist

Whyalla residents with over the counter payments,” said Mr Cowley.

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