Another Whyalla uneARTh Festival performer has gone on to appear overseas


For those that missed him at the 2018 Whyalla uneARTh Festival, or those that can’t get enough of him, cabaret performer Hans will be appearing on America’s Got Talent this week.

Yep, the very same Hans (aka Sunday Mail gossip columnist Matt Gilbertson) who wowed the crowd at this year’s uneARTh Festival will be hitting the big time in America and around the world.

Hans will be appearing on one of the most-watched US shows which will be aired in Australia on FOX8 at 7.30pm on Thursday (June 14).

America’s Got Talent draws more than 12 million viewers in the US when it airs on NBC with millions more tuning in around the world online. Hans will be appearing before judges Simon Cowell, supermodel Heidi Klum, Scary Spice Mel and Howie Mandel along with host Tyra Banks.

Hans jumped on a plane for Los Angeles for the filming of the show not long after his uneARTh Festival performance in Ada Ryan Gardens in March. If he makes it through to the finals, he will perform at the Dolby Theatre, the home of the Academy Awards.

Is America ready for Hans? We’ll find out on Thursday.

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